Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Divine Right or The Rights of Man?

On the eve of the Royal Wedding and as the media frenzy intensifies I almost feel sorry for this old institution. It seems almost inevitable that it will end in the wrong way, it wont be a new surge of rationality and liberty that finally defeats it, it will be cynicism. There are some things around this Royal Wedding that I like, a sense of national occasion (British in this case however), a renewed sense of community and of course the celebration of two people committing their lives to each other. Some things that many people now seem to think are unimportant ideas.

I did initially think that the responses of most people I had talked to about it was a positive thing “I couldn't really care less” seems to be the stock phrase. But I am slightly worried that this doesn't for a lot of people relate to a concern for more democratic and republican principles but a genuine lack of respect for anything associated with the state or what one might call the establishment. If only we were sceptical of it rather than cynical, but it seems part of a wider trend.

I will watch the Royal Wedding mainly because I find it interesting and I wish William Windsor and Catherine Middleton all the best for their future together. If only that future didn't mean that one day somebody I have no choice over will have to sign off legislation created in our National Assembly. When will we finally wake up and look at this system for what it is, not only unfair on the people who live under it because of what it implies, but also unfair on those for whom it was initially constructed because of what it robs from them – a normal life.

On that point I wish William and Catherine the best of luck for the future. From the little I have seen of them they seem like good people who have a quiet strength, something they will both need in the strange world that Kate has opted to become a part of.

By Daniel Lawrence
Non-Portfolio member - National Executive Commitee

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