Friday, 23 January 2009

Gaza Situation

Although a ceasefire is in place, Cymru X remains deeply concerned at the situation in Gaza. The Assembly held a debate on the crisis which was very welcome and timely, and credit goes to Rhodri Glyn Thomas for starting that debate. The Assembly passed a motion indicating that they have taken on board the level of protests that have taken place in Wales over the past few weeks.

Latest developments are raising hopes that there will be peace, but if a ceasefire strengthens the blockade of Gaza it will only lead to more killing in the future and more grievances amongst the Palestinians. Any long-term solution to the conflict has to be based on justice for the Palestinian people including their right to freedom of movement, a dignified life, trade and a right to democratically elect any government they want in free and fair elections.

As students and young people, it is distressing to see the bombing of Universities in Gaza. We should also take note of the wave of University occupations and sit-ins across the UK, unfortunately none have taken place in Wales but below are some links to various student occupations, some of which are ongoing. On a positive note, many of these student occupations are having their demands met! It just shows that protest can work. Any students planning on taking action in Wales should feel free to share their ideas with us.

King's College London Occupation
Warwick Sit-In
Birmingham Occupation
Guardian article about the King's College occupation.

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