Thursday, 16 July 2009

Global Warming: Fact, Fiction - Or the Truth?

Guest blogger Josh Parry writes:

As the Assembly government announces that the Welsh nation is the 13th worst country out of those it surveyed for carbon emissions. As a new recycling centre opens and the worst snow storms to hit Wales in the 21st century. Is the Welsh Assembly government wasting too much time, effort and money on the issue of global warming. Pouring millions into surveys on global warming and feasibility studies on barrages and wind turbines. When we have a vast array of coal under the valleys of this great nation which could be re started as an industry to employ the thousands of unemployed. Has the Welsh Assembly been to quick to jump on the Global Warming team and haven't looked at the other facts and figures.

The question I pose is have people jumped on the global warming band wagon before looking at the evidence. Global Warming is a theory of course not a fact. A decade ago no one believed or took any notice of the fact posed that carbon emissions were the cause of the rise in the earth's temperature. I do believe that global warming is happening but it isn't caused by carbon emissions. The earth's temperature has been rising! Is it because of carbon emissions in particular. I would very much doubt it. I'm just afraid that the population of the modern world is accepting global warming as a fact now and not a myth. Have you ever looked at the evidence to support global warming being caused by carbon emissions because if we in 100 years time find out global warming is definitely a natural occurrence. We will look like the laughing stock of time as were the people who thought the earth was flat!!!!

Personally I just want to get people thinking about global warming. Have they looked at the arguments and weighed them up properly. Is global warming really caused by carbon emissions. Is there really a need to cut down on our carbon emissions? Just an insight of graphs out there that doubt global warming and carbon dioxide are dramatically rising.

First of all if we look at this graph of the temperature from the last 500,000 years as we see there have been many ice ages and if you look at the dotted line where the temperature is at now. The temperature of the sea 100,000 years ago was actually at a higher temperature that in is now. I think this graph suggests that temperature change is a natural occurrence. The graph shows that before each ice age, ocean temperatures go sharply vertical, and then there is a rapid cool-down. Ocean temperatures at the present time are near the usual peak which occurs before the cool-down. This evidence does show that the earth is not rising in temperature dramatically at all but approaching a cool down period and the ocean temperatures should be plunging shortly.

People are confused about is the rate of increase of carbon dioxide. Some people think that CO2 is rising dramatically. This is probably because of graphs like the one above. At the current rate of increase, CO2 will not double its current level until 2255.

This graph shows no distinct pattern between rising levels of carbon dioxide and global temperatures. In fact as levels of carbon dioxide increase the earth's temperature is plunging.

This graph clearly shows that today's temperatures are nothing new and a severe global warming period did happen in the Middle ages. This does suggest that the temperature which is globally warming could be a natural occurrence as the earth's temperature has been hotter than it was now. The temperature of the all may be warming but is their enough evidence to suggest it is caused by greenhouse gases and in particular carbon dioxide. If the current global temperatures are anything to go by it is just a blot in the earth's timeline it isn't severe at all. These global temperatures are nothing new to the earth.

This is a video on why carbon emissions don't cause global warming all I want to do is to get people thinking and making their minds up by looking at evidence not by listening to politicians! This is a great video with some great charts!

This post might not be a great way to get to know about the ins and outs of global warming but I want to get people to think is global warming the real deal. Or have all of us jumped on the merry go round too quickly before looking at the facts with the Welsh Assembly wasting millions on surveys and renewable energies while the real problem isn't carbon emissions. Is the Assembly making a mistake by putting to many resources into renewable carbon emission problems. When global warming is a theory not a fact. Think!


Anonymous said...

We all know that Global Warming is happening, and of course, Carbon emissions arent entirely to blame, but they do contribute hugely to Global Warming. We do need to cut our emissions, because we need to do our bit to try and reduce or prevent any further Global Warming, as we can already see the devastating effects it's having on this earth, Tsunamis, extreme weather conditions, hurricanes (or is that all the norm these days?)
Even if in the past there has been a case of Global Warming such as there is now, we need to look at the way people lived back then, and how we live today, it is completely different. We are very much to blame, and we all need to do our bit to tackle the problem that is Climate Change.

Anonymous said...

How can you be so sure Climate change is caused by Carbon Emissions. I haven't been shown any real evidence that Carbon emissions is to blame for Global Warming. Where is this evidence? Have politicians really thought for themselves and looked at the evidence or are they just jumping on some bandwagon. If I asked Leanne Wood or Jill Evans what was the evidence supporting Carbon Emissiobns was responsible could they present me with any evidence? Tsunamis and Hurricanes have been worse ur official records only go back 200 years for weather. Exteme weather conditions in the Pacific and the Americas were never recorede until the 1800s especilly in the Americas, Europeans only reached that part of the world in the 1500s so how can we be sure these weather events are so extreme?

Anonymous said...

All of the major scientific authorities of the world, as well as all governments and all international organisations, support the theory of man made climate change.

Just saying.

We are running out of resources. Fact not theory. We need to live sustainably and carbon emissions cannot be part of that.

Kernow X - Mebyon Kernow Yowynk said...

true or not oil, coal and gas wont be around forever, we need to get head now to find a solution before resources run out to avoid energy gaps and more importantly wars for resources due to our societies being based almost entirely around products produced from oil.

the transition has to happen in the end.

Douglas8622 said...

It's amazing how Josh Parry has found all these charts, coz i can't find them on google images etc with the exception of the documentary 'The Great Global Warming Swindle'. I would love to use your charts in future researches.

To: welshfledging and Kernow X, as much as much of what you have brought up is true. but as much as we have to resort to non-carbon power better sooner than later. the main political reasons are the ones that haunt me the most.

Take Africa, 90% of the country does not have electricity. The EU and copenhagen summit wants them to cut down their carbon emmisions by a certain percentage. The only reason why africa has a relatively high amount of carbon emmisions is because their technology is still in very early ages and all the 'anti-carbon' equipment is too expensive or inadequate for them to use. Africa, has been the biggest british colony and the longest colonized. This reduces their ability to develop, and advance their technology. What they are left with is equipment that were used half a century or a century ago in the developed country. They are already lagging behind, and what does EU do? they tell Africa to stop using Coal. To me, that is a violation of human rights. how can you void a country or continent of use of coal which you have been using for the past 3 centuries? to me it's disgraceful and it has to be STOPPED