Friday, 31 July 2009

Camping up a storm....

Calling all eco-activists, eco-newbies and anyone else who wants to join in!!

Climate Camp for Action is coming to Wales - from 13th to 16th August, in an as yet undisclosed location somewhere in South Wales, people will join together to inspire, educate, inform and take peaceful direct action in the name of Climate Change.

The camp will be a living example of sustainable and radical alternatives, providing a space for people to meet and learn new skills. Anyone can join in - just rock up and pitch your tent!

There will be plenty of opportunity to learn new stuff, with loads of workshops planned... from a session on "Grey Water and Humanure" to "Legal Training" and "Engaging Communities", it's all there!

I for one, am investing in a pair of wellies and a sleeping bag, and preparing to throw off my "nicey-bits", girly-girl cloak, push my boundaries and experience Climate Camp-ing!

Anyone for helping, I mean, joining me??

More information can be found at or ring 07886719873

Posted by Natasha Cody, Campaigns Officer, eco-newbie and fearer of mud!

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