Friday, 11 December 2009

Kernow resurgent

By Luke James
Cymru X Vice-Chair

A tip of the hat to our brothers in Kernow who could be closing in on their own their own Carmarthenshire 1966 moment.

This recent article in Western Morning News idicates a ground swell in support for Mebyon Kernow - The Party of Cornwall.

As Gwynfor Evans said in his post election speech nothing is impossible, gaining an MP for Mebyon Kernow would not set the nation free from foreign misgovernment but it would set them on there way.

Gwynfor's speech is as poignant now as it was then:

"Let us then, throughout Wales, exercise our will" and "will full nationhood for our land, if we will it this can be done."

"English government in Wales is a wretched failiure but although Wales is the worst governed nation in Europe Wales is not dead yet.

"There is life here, there is new life here - there is a new generation rising in loyalty to their land and the light we see today is not the light of a setting sun but the light of a new dawn.

"Together in the next few years it's possible for us to restore our national freedom and to set Wales once again where she should be, a free nation and a responsible member of the great community of nations in the world."

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear good news. Like Sunday's three quarters of a million people referenda in Catalunya will move things forward there a bit too, don't ya think?