Monday, 14 December 2009

Risk it for a biscuit

Trying to do an essay so obviously I will do anything to get away from it.

Which led me to scout out some political betting - from which I have two observations.

News of our esteemed leader Caryl Wyn Jones selection as Westminster candidate for the Vale of Clwyd obviously has not reached Ladbrokes HQ because they still have Plaid Cymru at 100/1.

Actually they have Plaid Cymru 100/1 to win the Vale of Clowd, no idea where that is.

How about then 25/1 for Scotland to be independent by 2015?

Your relying on a Tory General Election win and the SNP spinning the hell out of it and creating a popular upsurge for independence. Might be worth a few quid.

Mind you I wouldn't take betting advice from me, I lost finances by backing Edwina Hart, a fiver to be specific, not as bad as some mind - spare a thought for poor Andrew Davies.

Luke James

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