Thursday, 14 May 2009

European Manifesto Launch

Several CymruX representatives were present today at the Plaid Cymru European Manifesto launch in Cardiff this morning.

As the BBC wrote today, Adam Price launched "a stinging attack" on Labour MEPs Glenys Kinnock and Eluned Morgan who have "failed to stand up for Wales." He said that Labour politicians seem almost "ashamed of their Welshness ... where they come from, where they're supposed to represent is something they're trying to hide."

It was really uplifting to hear Ieuan Wyn Jones say that Plaid was aiming to win two seats in the European Parliament on 4 June - which would mean that Eurig Wyn joins Jill Evans in Brussels.

Email if you would like a copy of the European manifesto sent to you. Let's get the vote out on June 4 for Plaid Cymru - for all of Wales.


Anonymous said...

Good to see plenty of support for the manifesto this morning. I wonder what Betsan's going to say about it?!

Illtyd Luke said...

It was noted in the Western Mail that several 'young supporters' attended the Plaid launch, and how focused and pro it was compared to Labour's flop.
Jill and Eurig are the only candidates in Wales of any party who have Euro Parliament experience. I was out in Pontypridd after and Eurig is a real surprise and good operator. I think he can take the second seat on a good day!
Let's keep the momentum going!