Friday, 15 May 2009

Protest Voters need to think carefully

A welcome development in Wales with this election has been that all the parties and the trade union movement are awake to what the BNP really is. Make no mistake- it is the positive and inclusive nationalism of the Welsh kind that is gaining strength in Wales, and Plaid's multi-cultural and progressive politics will win considerably more votes than the racism and fascism of the BNP.

But at the same time, complacency isn't an option when dealing with racist parties. The reason they are different to normal parties we disagree with is the fact that when the BNP speaks, people's lives are put at risk. The mainstream British parties are in an appalling state and have set up the conditions for the BNP to win protest votes. It is very understandable to want to send a message to Gordon Brown by casting a protest vote for one of the 'other' parties, and most people on the door-step are saying this. Young people are especially disillusioned with the UK Government and if they do vote at all, might be likely to vote for what they perceive to be the most radical option.

Before you cast your protest vote on June 4th, make sure you aren't endorsing something you aren't fully aware of. If you want a Wales in which ethnic minorities, immigrant and refugees are welcome, then vote for Plaid. Our internationalism will overcome their bigotry every time, as long as our supporters turn out to vote. And nothing will shake the Labour establishment like a strong Plaid vote will.

Read this if you want to see some facts about the British National Party.

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