Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Plaid youngsters sweep the board

As part of the events to mark 10 years of devolution, an education charity called CEWC held their "Model National Assembly" yesterday. School pupils were split into different parties in proportion to the amount of seats those parties hold in real life. About 50 of them took part. Each "party" then had just over an hour to come up with their own manifesto, design their own posters and prepare a presentation. After the presentation an election would take place which each student could vote in twice.

The Plaid group got to hear from Bethan Jenkins about what the party stands for. Then, Chris Heighway and Luke Nicholas helped them prepare their presentation and a set of policies to fight the election on. All of the policies had the environment and sustainability at the heart, which is a good sign. When it came to the presentation and the vote the Plaid pupils did very well and won the election. Da iawn to them. Alot of the young people came out of the meeting wearing Plaid stickers! If the Model National Assembly was anything to go by then the future is bright.

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