Monday, 3 August 2009

BNP history fail!

By Luke James

It’s a Monday so I won’t burden you with a lengthy diagnoses of the political scene.

In fact I am just going to lead playground style pointing and laughing at the BNP most recent and epic history FAIL!

The lovely people at the BNP merchandise department were presumably instructed by their leader, Peter Griffin or whatever his name is, to come up with some swanky new t shirts for their fashion conscious members to sport this summer whilst taking time out of being massive bigots.

And so they have come up with this:

That’s right #1 Welsh nashie himself Owain Glyndwr is being employed by the BNP as their new poster boy.

The article at the BNP website promoting these t shirts is titled “Excalibur Launches Exciting Range of Brand New T-Shirts”.

Excalibur Launches Exciting Range of Brand New Version of History might be closer to the truth.

The t-shirt exclaims “British by birth, Welsh by the Grace of God.”

Which is somewhere close to the truth actually, my passport coldly states that I am a registered citizen of the ‘British’ all powerful super state but thank the lord I was in fact born and bred Welsh and no bit of ID is going to tell me otherwise.

The school curriculum, now just another thing to worry about should the BNP come into power.

Coming soon: Sinn Fein’s new range of Rev Ian Paisley dog collars.

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christos said...

Nice t-shirts, but I won't be buying one in the near or any future.