Monday, 31 August 2009

Conservative Future's 'Erotic Party'

By Luke James

With my press credentials somewhat dented recently I decided to attempt some good old fashioned digging to find the story of the day and provide me with inspiration for this blog.

I failed and ended up on Facebook.

Where I did at least manage to have a little nose at other party’s groups at universities around Wales.

Students attending Swansea Uni’s fresher’s fayre are in for a treat courtesy of Conservative Future, who are apparently hosting an ‘Erotic Party’.

Swansea CF’s Facebook event specifies the type of event as ‘Party – Erotic Party’ and the group is titled ‘Conservative Future Swansea @ Freshers Fayre’ with ‘All hands to the pumps!!!’ as a sub header.

I think it’s safest if all members of the Conservative Future keep their hands where we can see them!

The price to be included in this ‘Erotic Party’ is £5, which must be a little too much for young conservative’s judging by the mere 8 intrepid party goer’s who have confirmed their attendance so far.

But maybe they can get their Conservative Future colleague’s in Cardiff to help out for numbers, perhaps the officer titled ‘Aggressive whip’ in CF Cardiff’s group could ‘submit’ a few names for attendance.

One things for sure, I don’t want to be around when Peter Snow and his Swing-o-Meter start declaring blue gains!

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Zahid Raja said...

LOL, as if you can talk! You work for ents which throw up all sorts of things like the porn star party!!!