Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Champions of Wales Hold Ceredigion Rally

By Iago ap Steffan

Well, it was great to see so many people out in force on Saturday in bright and sunny Ceredigion. Plaid Cymru held a huge rally, endorsing its candidate Penri James, in Aberystwyth town centre. The atmosphere was amazing and it was so inspiring to have so much support from Plaid members and local people.

It felt like a day at the Oscars, lol, with the amount of 'celebrities' in town. We had Plaid councillors, AMs, an MP and its MEP out to meet and greet the local people. Not to mention the number of Plaid members, supporters and locals that just wanted to hear what Plaid had to offer. The biggest fans must have been the Lib Dem and Labour activists that were so interested in joining us that day, they really couldn't keep away.

A number of Plaid politicians spoke at the event (Dafydd Iwan, Jill Evans, Elfyn Llwyd, Ieuan Wyn Jones and Elin Jones), but the talk of the town was the speech from one of Wales' best known politicians and hero of devolution, ex-Labour MP - Ron Davies. Davies came to Ceredigion to back Plaid Cymru and Penri James and to shout out to the people of Wales that the death of Labour was the birth of Plaid - Labour was the 20th century, Plaid the 21st - the future!

Penri James had a great reception with loud cheers and chants from all over the square. He promised to work for the people of Ceredigion. This is what the people wanted to hear especially since they currently had an invisible Lib Dem MP Mark what's his name. Penri is a local guy who has lived and worked in the area all his life. A family man with great morals and someone who has worked hard to get round as many houses as he can to listen to what the people of Ceredigion actually want from their MP. This door to door campaign did not start two weeks ago like the Lib Dems, but for around two years now. Ceredigion needs a champion for Wales and who else to better represent them than that of Penri James!

As I said, Plaid had much support that day and everyone, after the rally, helped out and either distributed leaflets or canvassed. What I would like to say to all those who lent a hand is...DIOLCH YN FAWR IAWN; especially to the students of Cymdeithas CymruX Society Aberystwyth (CCXS) who have worked hard all year round and deserve praise. Plaid and CymruX would not have a future without the determination and hard work of people like yourselves. :)


Anonymous said...

What a moronic comment, how could you possibly know when the Lib Dems Campaign began?

Chad said...

Iago said this "door to door campaign did not start two weeks ago like the Lib Dem's" I think he's suggesting that all the Lib Dem's do is drop a landslide of leaflets and hope for the best. Not actually canvass or knock doors. And you can know very easily what the opposition is doing just by talking to local people in different parts of the constituency...

Anonymous said...

Please nail the lies being told by the Liberals in Aberystwyth, to students. They are accusing Plaid Cymru of being the Welsh BNP and this is so untrue. Whatever your politics, no-one should be elected on the back of such lies and smears.

Liberal lover said...

Shows sheer desperation on the Liberal Youth if they feel the need to smear such disgusting lies!

It must be true what I hear about Liberal Youth......... Nah that's just way too easy