Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Bring on the fun......

So here it is.... for all those of you still umm-ing and haa-ing over coming to Ysgol Haf, we bring you the timetable!!

Ysgol Haf 2009 will focus on campaigning and canvassing techniques - the timetable is chockers with all those 'transferable skills' that they bang on about in Uni... with the exception that THIS WILL BE FUN!!! So, without further ado...

Friday: Ysgol Haf opens at half 3, with a welcome from Adam Price MP and an introduction to the fun by the Chief Exec. Workshops for friday include "Canvassing Techniques", "Westminster Election Planning" (note to self, MUST attend) and "Winning in New Territory". Afterwards, dinner (just typing that made me peckish) and a, as yet untitled, social event - this will be where the alcohol and bowling lanes collide I'm hoping!!

Barring hangovers, Saturday will start with breakfast at 8 (let's just ignore that, shall we??), and workshops at 9. Workshops on Saturday sound really, really interesting - take your pick from "the importance of design", "developing local manifestos" and "local press comunications" before lunch!! There will also be the Cymru X event, "Cymru X Does Glan Llyn" with the Cymru X National Exec - details to follow! I am as in the dark as you are about this, and being a NEC member I am more than a little nervous (I dont like surprises Chair!)! :S

After lunch, workshops include "Learning from Other Parties" and "Challenges & Opportunities". Evening activities include a Mock Election Night with the Campaigns Unit and more of those lovely 'social events'. Whoohoo!!

Sunday (thank the lord) starts a bit later at 10.30, with a session on Creating a Winning Team of Activists, and Ysgol Haf closes at 12.15 with lunch at half past!!

Now... am I the only one who thinks that it's going to be a blast?? ;o)

Posted by Natasha Cody, Campaigns Officer - Cymru X NEC

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