Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Update ...

... just to let you know, the following email was sent to the delightful Ms Waugh on behalf of CymruX today:

Dear Ms Waugh,

You might be interested in today’s blog post:


Thank you for your pointless ramblings.

We’re sure Evelyn would be proud of your literary prowess.

CymruX - Young Plaid Ifanc

Childish, but fun.

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Jenny Hopkin said...

'Ma beth 'sgwennes i at Daisy Waugh dros e-bost.

Here's what I wrote to Daisy Waugh on an e-mail.

Jenny Ann Hopkin

Dear Daisy,
I would like to thank you for the article you wrote in the Sunday Times concerning Wales. It was absolutely brilliant, as it completely reinforced my belief that Wales needs independence from a country and its reporters (that is YOU) who are completely and utterly stereotypical and believe it or not, racist. Your article was bland, lacked depth and was completely and utterly stupid, but I better not say too much, or I may read my words in this week's Sunday Times, not describing your article, but my country. I took the liberty of sending you this message in Welsh as well as English, just to give you some practice when you have to attempt to pronounce our roadsigns.

Once again, thank you ever so much.


Annwyl Daisy,
Hoffwn diolch i ti am yr erthygl ysgrifennot yn y Sunday Times yn son am Gymru. Roedd o'n arbennig, gan ei fod yn wneud imi sylweddoli faint mae angen annibyniaeth ar Gymru o wlad a'i newyddiadurwyr (TI) sydd yn gwbl ystradebol a credwch e a'i pheidio, yn hiliol. Roedd yr erthygl yn di-liw, heb ddyfnder ac yn dwp, ond ddylai peidio a deud gormod, neu fydd fy ngeiriau ar dudalenau y Sunday Times wythnos nesa', ddim yn son am dy erthygl di, ond am fy ngwlad. Cymerais y cyfle i anfon y neges yma i ti yn Cymraeg a Saesneg i rhoi bach o ymarfer i ti ar gyfer darllen ein arwyddion stryd.

Unwaith eto, diolch o galon!