Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Daisy - Dopey or Dangerous? Or Just Dreary?

In case the rest of you missed it, here are some lovely extracts from an article that was sent to me by at least three other people, outraged at the rude and untrue writing from a journalist on a supposedly respectable paper.

On May 17, Daisy Waugh wasted an entire page doodling her ill informed opinions of Wales in a Sunday Times article.

"Poor old Wales. What’s actually wrong with it? Does anyone know? Apart from the unpronounceable road signs, which don’t really matter, and the rainfall, which can’t be much worse than, say, in Bristol, and the slightly irritating devotion to a language only kept alive by government edict and European subsidies [excuse me?!] - apart from all that, it’s just the same as anywhere else in Britain, isn’t it? Mostly green and pleasant. And a lot dozier than London.

There’s not much we’re allowed to snigger at in polite company any more. And yet somehow fat people and the whole of Wales slipped through the sensitivity net.
[It's called racism, you rude ignoramus.]

Nice house. Amazing price. Just a shame it’s in bloody Waaayells."

Seriously? Seriously?! And the English wonder why we want shot of the Union!

At least the dry wit of the correspondent who wrote to the Times the next week sums up a lot of what I would like to say to her, and far more eloquently I might add:

"I enjoyed Daisy Waugh’s article on Wales. Clearly, perspicacious commentary from journalists is too much to expect these days. I look forward to reading Waugh’s views on the Ainu culture, the conflict in the Gaza Strip and the plight of Cochabamba mountain finch, about which I can only assume she will be just as balanced and incisive. Just please don’t let her spoil things by doing any research beforehand."

Peredur Davies, Llangwyllog, Anglesey

So there you have it. English writer once again conforms to stereotype. It's all so predictable - and so boring. Grow up please Daisy. And don't come back. There's a reason we charge more than a fiver to get in. We'd rather like to keep out the riff-raff if that's okay with you.

By the way, if you would like to contribute to her email inbox, please feel free to write to:


Spam 'em with dryly witty missives. Go on, you know you want to.

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