Monday, 22 June 2009

Save the Vulcan campaign success

Congratulations are in order this week for everybody involved with the Save the Vulcan campaign in Cardiff aimed at saving the long term future of one of the oldest pubs in Cardiff.

The Vulcan Hotel was earmarked for closure as part of the ongoing re-development of the city to accomodate for the new St David's 2 shopping complex. Campaigners have recently received the good news that the owner and would-be developer, Rapport are to offer a new three-year lease to The Vulcan Hotel.

While this is excellent news for the short term survival of the pub, doubts still remain over its long term future and a lot more hard work needs to be put in to ensure its survival.

Plaid's Alan Ffred Jones AM and Welsh Culture Minister deserves a special mention for his work in saving the pub, along with Leanne Wood AM, and Deputy Leader of Cardiff Council, Neil Mcavoy.

If anybody would like to get involved in the campaign or receive more information it is available here.


Anonymous said...
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David Rhys said...

As a comittee member of the 'Save the Vulcan' (and a member of Penarth Branch of Plaid) I would also like to mention the significant contribution of Chris Franks AM who along with others, helped us secure the future of the Vulcan.
To all Cymru X supporters, I would like this to be a good example of something that everyone said was doomed, but by using Petitions, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter etc we were able to bring together large scale support and pressure on the developer/Brains/St Davids 2 to secure this important symbol of Cardiff. It is a popular place for students and we hope it will remain so for many years to come.