Monday, 15 June 2009

Does Scotland Deserve Devolution More?

So Scotland is to be given 'radical' new powers?

At least, a new report says so anyway. The Calman Commission says Holyrood should take charge of half the income tax raised in Scotland and control national speed limits, drink-driving laws and airguns legislation. This would all mean that MSPs would end up controlling more than a third of the Scottish budget.

All the opposition parties, as well as the SNP, have welcomed the report, although the SNP hold reservations - they say that Scotland should have full fiscal autonomy.

I just don't understand. Why does every political party in Scotland seem to support more power for Scotland, seem to welcome further devolution - while in Wales, we have to battle for even tentative support for these things?

Even the Tory leader in Scotland said, "this is a hugely significant and thorough piece of work. It is our duty to cement Scotland's place in the Union and to strengthen devolution." Yet the All Wales Convention is travelling the length and breadth of Wales and still nobody seems to care or know about what's going on with a possible referendum - and let's face it, it's hard to care. It's really boring, learning about the LCO process, Assembly Measures, blah blah, yawn yawn.

We need to figure out how to get people interested, young people, elderly people, and everyone in between. What's Scotland doing that we're not? Any ideas?!

To see the report, click here.

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