Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The final hurdle- what young people can do to help Plaid tomorrow

It's the home straight, final hurdle, and the last push. You could even think up your own sports-themed metaphor and it would appropriately describe the situation we're in. It's election day tomorrow and Plaid Cymru has found itself in a very good position to gain support.

Because our politicians have not been corrupt, activists all over Wales are reporting that we are receiving a very favourable response on the doorsteps. Cymru X members have played a huge part in distributing thousands of leaflets and canvassing in dozens of constituencies. The party's campaign has been energetic and positive, and keeping track of everything through the internet and social networking websites has proved to be a huge morale raiser- even introducing a bit of competition between different teams to see who is delivering the most leaflets! Before we go any further we should congratulate all of our candidates for a vibrant campaign taking in the whole of Wales, surely the strongest and most visible team out of any of the parties standing here.

Protest votes are in the air and are up for grabs. Turnout is going to be very low, but people that do vote seem inclined to send a message to Gordon Brown about the expenses scandal. Alot of the protest votes might go to racist and negative parties such as UKIP and the BNP, but here Plaid Cymru is a positive and internationalist alternative to the racists and fascists. Increasing our support at this European Election will be a vote of confidence in Plaid Cymru's role as the party for the people of Wales, no matter where they are from or what colour their skin is. It will send a clear message out that people in Wales are turning away from the corrupt British parties and supporting Jill Evans in Europe. We may even win the national election and the second seat. Anything is possible.

This is what you can do to help- everything now depends on the final push and getting our vote out. If you are based in South Wales or near Cardiff then you can contact Ty Gwynfor (go to the Plaid website and call them or email them- they won't bite) and come to the headquarters tomorrow to help with telephone canvassing. It's easy and there will be refreshments!

If you are based elsewhere you can also help by emailing the Campaigns Unit (again, go to the Plaid website) and ask for a list of numbers that you could canvass from home.

Let's all make a last minute effort to get a strong voice for Wales in Europe!

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